Will things really go back to the norm.

“I've been putting all my skills and ideas into thought to keep safe and also sharing them with my family and friends. At a time like this you not only have to think about yourself but everyone. what's the sense in knowing or coming up with ways to stay safe and keeping it to yourself ? if your family and friends are being lackadaisical and not practicing precautions,everybody will still be in harm's way.

I’ve been inside since the lockdown started, which is very frustrating because you have to know when to move or not ; its up to you to go out to get your essentials to survive also. The outside is now a battlefield, to survive your focus must be keen.

Remember to wash your hands, sanitize everything and to take your clothes off at the door before you enter the house. It’s like a war zone, the minute you let your guards down you're gone. Going out and coming in is a task.

When all this has passed us, I think things will go back to it’s old ways. I mean once people know things are safe they will keep doing things a certain way only for a time ;we're only humans we tend to forget too, I've followed history on pandemics and all I can do is pray and ask God that we do not go down in history as bad as other pandemics. I pray we do not have to experience this ever again”

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