Consistency is key

“I’ve always been on the artsy side and then I became a teacher and I had to find fun ways to teach the kids. So I would be up building stuff for my lessons and one day mom said you’re so creative why don’t you try doing cakes. So one day I got up and went to the store and bought all the ingredients for a cake and I really enjoyed creating my first cake. So I remain consistent so that I can perfect my craft. In short, my mother is the reason I pursued this, she was the driving force between me fully awakening my talent. I would definitely say quarantine has been a blessing in disguise, not only did it allow me to build upon improving my skills it made me a better person in general. I was able to use my time in quarantine to self reflect on my goals and how to become a better version of myself. I am a special education teacher and I had to balance work life and my personal life. It was difficult since remote learning was unexpected. I had to quickly adapt to the changes. At times it was overwhelming, but I knew my students depended on me. They were just as overwhelmed as I was. So I had to develop a schedule that worked for me so that I can balance work and the start up of my business @cakes_by_sham while ensuring my mental health was intact” -

Cakes By Sham

@Benjamin Mica

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