The uncertainties of COVID-19

“In the initial stage, of me being in the US, I was very concerned. I asked myself a lot of ‘what if’ questions. Then as the days went by, I became relaxed because I was confident in the systems that were implemented as soon as Covid-19 was getting out of control. The preventative measures and even the corrective measures are severe but Covid-19 is not exactly easy to fight either so I gravitated to the restrictions especially after seeing the logic but then again, everybody were doing it so I had no choice but to follow suit. If we give all the leaders of the world the simple assignment of doing an abstract painting from the comfort of their home or office we will generally get the picture but obviously with some glaring difference and some may complete the task faster than others. That is exactly how our leaders addressed the Covid-19 pandemic. After the harsh reality started to sink in, some of our leaders acted quickly to avert catastrophic damage of human resources while others were not so efficient and their innocent citizens paid the heavy price with their lives. It is now pleasing to see all the countries of the world, through their leaders, singing from the same hymn of collectively trying to develop immunization vaccines to fight the deadly virus and this is so because of the strong leadership of organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan-American Health Organization

As we move forward we have to adjust and to co-existing with Covid-19, which is the reality. This process is like evolution which started after the world came to an abrupt stop. We are now searching for what will be the new normal. Since the process is unfolding in front of my eyes I can safely say I am adjusting well. It is much better than if I was confronted with a bunch of drastic changes and was forced to accept at a short notice. One of the lasting lessons I’ve learned is to be thankful. Being away from relatives, friends and the luxury of all of the things that made my life at home worth living, I am missing terribly. So I know how important they are to me and that I should not take them for granted. This includes my barber hehe. I have been visiting the US every year for six consecutive years and this is the first time I am seeing the mighty nation asleep. I am very thankful for information technology, more so social apps – you know that platforms. This is the longest in-transit that I have ever experienced. I travel a lot for cricket assignments and a few times for leisure. This time I got neither but instead I am faced with a life threatening virus” - John Michael Ramsingh

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