Quarantine stories - Covid19 Pandemic

“During this period of Quarantine, I’ve been able to reflect on my life in so many ways and already I’m making adjustments focused on my emotional and mental health. I’ve chosen to focus on the things and people that are more important to me.

Even though COVID-19 has disrupted my life in so many ways and the world at large, there are some positives and I’ve been able to get my creative juices flowing and I finally executed a few projects in my capacity as a media professional ,that I had put on hold. I’m a bit more relaxed now because my day isn’t as swamped as it used to be.

During the initial stage of the virus and the lockdown in New York, I experienced a serious state of depression ,thinking about how much has been taken away from me. The simple things like going outside without a mask, not being able to see other family members and some of my friends and so forth, but I’m more optimistic these days and thankful for all I have and more importantly good health and strength.

This is one of the worst period in recent history that the world is experiencing but for those of us here, let’s be thankful, careful and more loving because so many families are suffering because they have lost loved ones in one of the most tragic ways possible. Stay safe everyone, love the people around you a little more, check on your family and friends and be blessed”

-Tracey Alicia Khan Thank you for sharing your beautiful story . Stay blessed and we wish you all the best with your projects

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