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“My pregnancy was wonderful. I worked until the last day. It was a Friday to be exact. The following day I went to do my maternity photoshoot at 36 weeks 2 days, then walked all over Georgetown while having minor contractions which I didnt pay much attention to. Just after midnight on the Saturday I went into labour my water bag broke, however I felt pain until the Sunday afternoon about four hours after the induced me. My pain was bearable right up to when I pushed him out. However my delivery was complicated given he was a big baby. During my nine months I didn't even feel pregnant up until the end when I started waddling like a duck. Lol. I was in the fields running after my crime stories, I was most happiest when I was in the field, but then because of my advance stage in my pregnancy I was placed on desk reporting and some minor assignments. I did at times plead to cover crime scenes, to keep my sanity while promising to be safe. Being mother is a wonderful feeling. I heard persons say they fell in love with their baby from the moment he/she was born. However for me my love for my son grew as I watched him grow. Apart from having pushed him out and knowing I did this with the help of God, a child seemed normal for me, having helped raise my niece and nephews. The difference is, with motherhood there will be no days off and no sick day. Your mind becomes conditioned to ensuring your health is all time at best for the sake of taking care of your child. I've had sleepless nights, and play times at 1am to about 4am in the mornings, now they are from 8pm to midnight. However I don't mind. Nothing matters more to me but being there for my son and being able to provide. Motherhood has thought me total commitment and obligation to a whole person. Thank heavens responsibility is something I had years of practice of. Most importantly motherhood has taught me that there is no wrong and right way in bringing up a child, and that every child is unique. This is just the beginning. My advice to young mothers is have a support Team. - In at least your first few weeks of recovery (3 to 5) months, you NEED A SUPPORT BASE. POST PARTUM DEPRESSION IS REAL. (while I didnt experience it, I witnessed it firsthand while in the hospital with other moms). My husband, sisters and mother in law has been my team and continues to be. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT, A SLEEP DEPRIVED MOM IS NOT COOL. After being in labour for close to 24 hours and having to push for about close to two hours, I wanted nothing more than to sleep for a few days."

-Nakasia Logan Happy Mother’s Day to this rockstar Reporter mom. Welcome to the world Aldain.

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