“Motherhood has taught me how to be selfless and to appreciate the little things like time and tokens of appreciation, because they are what truly matter. This new world has shown me that sometimes it's better to listen to the little people. It's ok to see things through their eyes. It has also taught me that the rights of children must be considered in our decision making, something I never really had as a child.The journey of motherhood is one filled with challenges and many happy moments but there is no right or wrong way it's a learning process and as it progresses you get better at it. For those parents facing challenges with their teenagers I would advise to just be patient, listen to their sides too but of course encourage respect by showing as well. Additionally, I would say motherhood is fulfilling and it not only teaches you how to raise a child but it helps you to understand yourself and motivates you to do more because you have others depending on you. My children are my motivators, I think if it wasnt for them I would not be the person I am today. Love and light to all mothers ”


Stacy Katina Carmichael

. Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing mother of four.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, Mother figures and those who play a greater role in moulding children of the Earth.

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