Lessons of motherhood

“The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt from motherhood is that the realest members on my team are my kids. I say that to mean that no matter what you go through in life they are your little cheerleaders without you even noticing. I’ve lost both of my parents and when I look back, if I didn’t have my kids I would have lost my mind not figuratively, I mean literally cuz I kept telling myself if something happens to me who will be there for them and that’s what pulled me through. Motherhood has changed my life significantly, before being a mother I was the most important and the only person I cared about. I lived carefree and I was very spoiled but when you have children something humbles you, It’s something I can’t explain. It’s like you actually think twice or maybe ever thrice before you act and that was something I never really did before. You never stop thinking about them and everything you do it’s always about them being first. Motherhood is the most scary yet exciting exhausting job yet you never want to leave. The first day I became a mom I was in the hospital thinking did I really just give birth ? did I really just have a whole baby? I was asleep when the nurse brought my son in and when I woke up there was this little human next to me. I said nurse why did you bring him here, and she said is this not your baby? I said yes, she was like “so what’s the problem” I said I don’t think he’s safe with me because I don’t know anything about a baby. She laughed and said he’ll be fine. I stared at this baby all night till my mother came next morning , so overtime I’ve learnt what they need before they need it. It’s like a superpower or something so I would say to young mothers it’s already in you , how to nurture and care for them. So just give it your best and reap the fruits of your labor”


Jocelle Archibald

Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful mom. You’re amazing and funny Thank you for sharing your journey.


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