Keeping our kids safe

“My main concern was honestly making sure my children stayed corona free. I heard about the Kawasaki disease that was affecting small kids and could possibly be connected to COVID-19. That scared me so I’ve been taking all proper precautions and keeping the kids home as much as I can. I’ve always disinfected my house daily prior to the coronavirus outbreak. I have a toddler and a baby who crawls everywhere so removal of the shoes before walking into the house is always crucial for me ;growing up in African household made that part easy to do. The only other change was wearing a mask.

This new world really made me see how unsanitary people actually are and realize how easily things can spread so quickly. I feel like if anything, we all need to continue being as sanitary as we can. My advice is to stay strong and know that it will all be over soon. We will have our normal lives back. It will definitely take a while but it’s better we are safe now then sorry in the long run”

-@Fatima Toure

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