Family is our hope

“Family has been the only thing that has kept me hopeful. It is the smiles on my wife and daughter"s faces that allows me to see light at the end of the tunnel. We value our family time and try to have fun everyday.

Asia is phenomenal, her learning amazes me and she is becoming more independent in her own little way. She has a sense of humor and is very bold in everything she does. I've learned that my wife loves me around. Work has gotten in the way many times but the time we are spending together is indeed priceless . Work is abit more cumbersome since everything is done remotely. But it beats the inconveniences of traveling to the office and the hassle of being in town everyday" - @Seon Renville

“Time with Asia is priceless and fulfilling, everyday day I learn a bit more, everyday she does something that leaves me in awe. My husband has been spoiling us with his baking, we really did not know he had that skill. It is really admirable seeing him with our 2 year old” - Atesha Christie-Renville

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