Essential workers

“I started working as an essential worker at a health care facility in 2012. Every year since, I anticipate some kind of state of emergency which may last for 24 hours or less. I never anticipate a country w

ide lock down, working with 40 to 60 percent staff and delayed supplies orders. I oversee three departments, Maintenance, Housekeeping and Laundry. At this time it is crucial on both my personal life and work life.

Keeping up with CDC guidelines to provide my employees with the right PPE for this pandemic, following CDC procedures for laundering the residents clothes and cleaning procedures,all of which changes pretty much everyday and it is really challenging.

keeping up with my personal life is hectic, not spending enough time with my family because of long exhausting hours at work and praying that I don’t bring home this virus to my family. I have a now 7 year old who has been greeting me at door with hugs and kisses when I get home for years to now when I get home she has to wait until I get out the shower. My wife is really paranoid of me working and is very concerned about my health. I get constant text messages and phone calls reminding me to stay away from people, wear a mask, wash your hands often etc.

This pandemic is draining me mentally and physically. Seeing the residents and co-workers dying rapidly, it’s really heart breaking. I plead with everyone to stay home if necessary. I can only imagine what the nurses, doctors and all frontline employees are going through”


Trevon Nicholson

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Stay safe ! Thank you for your sacrifice and commitment in this global pandemic .




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