Capturing the best moments & coping with the difficult ones

“So many things we as humans worry about, yet most don't even matter in the end. What matters is being there for the people who need us .After dealing with two deaths in my family including that of my dear mum, then my grandma within 6 months, you realise how every second with everyone you love is so precious. My aunt and I spent the entire day caring for my mum on her final day without even realising it, as painful as that day ended, it was still a gift. A friend asked me how I cope with loss, I told her life has recognisable patterns. Days, weeks, month, years and decades all have ends just as they have beginnings. We cannot do anything about their beginning, same as we cannot do anything about their end, such is life and we must learn to accept it”

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(Ron D’Avilar - Radio host)

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