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New Changes, New You

“Quarantine has been been tough for us. It’s harder than being at work. When you’re at home with the kids and work continues as per the norm, it can be challenging, nevertheless my husband and I share the responsibilities. He still has to work since he’s considered essential. He’s very good with the children and helps a lot, especially since we have a baby on the way. Things can be tiring but definitely has helped us to connect with the kids on a greater level and I wouldn’t

Something Big Is Coming

“At first, I didn't take it seriously, because things seemed a bit normal, I was still going to work and attending classes even though NYC had suspected their first case of coronavirus. Gradually I found myself watermarking CANCELLED!! on upcoming event flyers at work. Yeah, COVID-19 had eventually hit the roof and my daily work attire shifted to a PJ and laptop, on my dining table, creating COVID-19 CUNY alerts for students, faculty, and staff. My Social feed became Corona



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